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1. It is prohibited for owners or lessees to have more than three (3) people, including infants, occupying a one (1) bedroom unit or more that six (6) people, including infants, occupying a two (2) bedroom unit. Owners, lessees, and guests should limit their guests to the maximum allowed to occupy a unit. The cap per unit regarding number of individuals residing in a condo applies to permanent residents only. Two- (2) bedroom condo may have six- (6) permanent residents, however overnight guests are allowed.

2. All overnight guests must register at the reception desk. (This is a safety precaution in case of fire or other emergency.) See SECTION II.

3. Owners/residents are fully responsible to keep their units in a manner that does not present a hazardous condition to other residents, or to the general safety of the building.

4. Moving vans or furniture deliveries will not be permitted on Saturdays or Sundays, or after 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

5. The Reception Desk must be notified of anticipated deliveries or furniture moving in or out at least 24 hours in advance.

6. If moving requires additional time after 4 P.M. the owners or lessees, will be responsible to hire and pay Aliki personnel at the rate of $25.00 per hour or any portion there of.

*** Under no circumstances can the moving extend after 6:00 P.M. ***

7. The reception desk must be notified 24 hours in advance of any plans to conduct major renovations/repairs to a unit and/or requirements to secure water lines for service.

8. Anyone who refurbishes their unit will be mandated to install a Masterwater shutoff valve in their unit.

9. It is the owner’s responsibility when you are having work completed in your Unit, your contractor must keep the hallways clean.

10. All workman doing renovations and repairs in a unit must sign in and show their license and proof of insurance. Work hours are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday thru Friday. The office staff has the authority to request the documentation and decline entry requests if not provided.

11. Owners are required to provide a key to all locks to the front door of their Unit.

The keys are kept in a locked cabinet in order to provide access to the Unit in an emergency. If keys have not been provided and a forced entry into the unit is required, it will be made at the owner’s expense. (An emergency is defined as “a situation that requires actions to be taken to protect life and/or property of Aliki residents.”)

12. Maintenance personnel must be permitted entrance into Units by owners and occupants to insure maintenance or adequate control of bugs and insects, unless the owners request in writing and are granted permission by the Board to make other arrangements.

13. Owners are required to correct any plumbing problems promptly in order to conserve water and avoid damage to the building

14. It is prohibited to leave doors to units open into hallways (Life Safety Code 101- 5-2.1.8)

15. Safety considerations prohibit the use of waterbeds in any of the units of the Condominium. Structural difficulties may be encountered from the sheer weight of the water.


There are some owners who have pets, and there are others who dislike pets. There are owners that have a fear of pets and cannot dispel their fears. The uniqueness of condominium living makes it essential that the rights of all be respected. Rules and City ordinances are enacted to promote safety and good health standards. All applicable government laws, rules, and regulations concerning animals are made a part hereof, and incorporated herein by reference. Owners, guests, and tenants, therefore, must abide by the following rules:

1. No owner shall be permitted more than two pets per unit. In addition, any large pets (more than 20 pounds) are not permitted on or in any part of the condominium property.

2. All pet owners are requested to register their pets at the reception desk.

3. All pets must be hand carried or in carriers in the building. These areas include the halls, elevators, basement hall, garage, and all other areas of the building. The use of a leash is also required.

4. No pets are allowed in the pool area, picnic-recreation areas, or Aliki room.

5. Owners of pets must clean up after their pets. Pets are not allowed on the landscaped or grassy area in front of or behind the Aliki condominium. If a pet has an “accident” in any Common area of the building, it is the responsibility of the owner to clean it up immediately.

6. Persons with pets may also use the exit at the basement or garage level.



1. All guests must identify themselves to the reception desk staff. Guests should indicate the full name and unit number of the resident they intend to visit. NOTE: Overnight guests should complete registration form.

2. Overnight guests should receive a copy of the RULES AND REGULATIONS, along with any other appropriate information.

 3. For guests that will arrive after the reception desk has closed, it is the responsibility of the unit resident to register their overnight guest prior to arrival. A copy of the RULES AND REGULATIONS will be provided to the unit resident, and they will familiarize their guest with the Aliki rules.

4. Guests will be announced to the unit resident unless prior information has been provided to the receptionist desk staff that a guest is expected. If no prior arrangements have been made and if the resident cannot be located, the reception desk staff will not allow the guest access to the unit.

5. In no cases will keys be provided for a unit unless the owner or resident has specifically authorized it in writing.


1. No owner, lessee, visitor, guest, or employee is permitted to use coarse, vulgar, obscene, profane, or otherwise offensive, abusive, or threatening language in communicating with any individual within the common areas of the condominium property.

2. The front door will be locked at 4:00 PM Monday through Sunday and the front door will be unlocked at 8:00 AM Monday through Sunday. Residents should keep their security door key with them upon exiting the building.

3. A front door call box is available for guests to contact individual units after hours, and residents have the ability to activate the security door to accommodate after hours visitors. However, residents should be careful not to admit anyone other than their visitors through the security door. Residents should verify that security doors are completely closed behind them.

4. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children at all times.

5. It is prohibited to inscribe or alter any common area of the building with signs, nails, or other items. Removing or disfiguring notices as posted by management is strictly prohibited.

6. Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the tower area or utility/maintenance rooms.

7. Bathing suits and bare feet are not acceptable in the elevators, lobby, mailroom, office, or other common areas of the building. A suitable cover garment and shoes must be worn at all times in the common areas of the building.

8. Sand must be cleaned off feet and carts before entering the building.

9. Smoking in the elevators is specifically forbidden and punishable by State law. Smoking is also not permitted in the common areas of the building.

10. It is prohibited to leave carts in corridors or any part of the building or property except in the designated areas in the basement outside the center doorway to the garage.

11. Car washing is prohibited upon the premises of the Aliki Condominium.

12. There will be no running or playing permitted in the common areas. There will be no biking, skating, or skateboarding on Aliki property. Bicycles are not permitted in the elevators or lobby at any time.

13. It is prohibited for a resident or guest to allow any commercial solicitor within the common areas for verbal solicitation of any type.


1. Balconies are to be enjoyed with the utmost safety in mind. NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN OR PETS UNATTENDED!

2. Balconies may be cleaned by vacuuming or damp mopping only. It is prohibited to sweep, discard, or throw anything from windows or balconies (including cigarette or cigar butts).

3. No items of any kind may be placed on any balcony in such a way that is visible from the exterior of the building.

4. It is prohibited to inscribe or expose on or at any window, balcony, or other part of the building any sign, flag, signal, or illumination other than Christmas/Hanukkah lights of displays and the standard rectangular United States flag, unless approved in writing by the Association.

5. It is prohibited to feed birds from balconies.6. Cooking is not permitted on the balconies.

7. No garment, towel, etc. may be hung on the balconies in such a way that is visible from the street or the beach.

8. Nothing should be placed on the balconies that can be blown away.


1. All trash must be disposed of properly. Please do not leave trash or newspapers on the floor in the trash room.

2. The Aliki supports recycling. Please place all recyclable items in the bins located in the trash room.

3. Paper and dry trash, except boxes, bottles, cartons, and heavy/bulky items, are to be placed down the chute located in the room adjacent to the laundry room.

4. All trash should be securely fastened before being placed in the trash chute. Do not force large bags into the chute. Large bags should be taken to the trash receptacle located in the basement.

5 Large boxes, cartons, (must be broken down) bottles, and heavy/bulky items should be taken to the receptacle located in the basement. These items should not be placed in the chute.

6. If resident needs assistance with a heavy/bulky item, please notify the reception desk and an employee of the Aliki Condominium will dispose of the items.

7. Disposal of any hazardous waste should be brought to the attention of maintenance for proper disposition. Do not place any hazardous waste or batteries in the trash chute, drains, or dumpsters or recycle bins.

8. No trash deposits are to be made after 11:00 PM.

9. Wet or raw garbage must not be placed into the chute. Kitchen garbage disposals must be used for this purpose.

10. Pet litter must be double wrapped and secured to preclude breakage. Pet litter should be placed in the dumpster in the garage and NOT dropped in the trash chute.


1. There are two types of spaces in the ground level parking area. One, the open parking decks to the north and south of the building, classified as Common Property, are available for parking to owners, renters, trades people, and visitors on an unassigned basis. Two, the covered parking spaces, classified as Limited Common Property, are assigned to various owners for their exclusive use.

2. The spaces in the closed underground garage are classified as “Limited Common Property.” Owner may lease garage spaces to residents. Parking spaces are numbered to coincide with the apartment number of the owner.

3. Markings have been placed in areas of driveways and fire lanes, which are covered by and controlled by ordinances prohibiting parking. Vehicles in violation will be covered by and controlled by ordinances prohibiting parking. Vehicles in violation will be towed away, if necessary, to keep these areas clear. Towing will be done at the owner’s expense.

4. No vehicle with luggage or any material stowed on the top of it will be permitted to enter or leave the basement garage. This policy is in place to prevent garage door damage.

5. No vehicle, bicycle, or object shall be parked or left standing in a manner that does not permit free travel by other vehicles or persons.

6. It is prohibited to park in an assigned space in the garage unless you are the owner or have written authorization from the owner. Such authorizations are to be filed with the reception desk.

7. It is prohibited to place any items other than a vehicle or motorcycle in a parking space.

8. Bicycles and motor bikes shall not be left in any Common Property areas other than those spaces provided for parking such vehicles. All bicycles must be registered and tagged. Registration and tagging is available at the reception desk.

9. Limited space for bicycles is provided in the underground garage. Bicycles will be parked with care so that they don’t interfere or scratch the cars in adjacent parking spaces.

10. It is prohibited to park except between the lines of a marked parking space. Please try to center you car in the parking space.

11. Vehicles may be parked temporarily in the loading zone only for unloading and loading. As soon as the loading is completed, the vehicles must be moved.

12. Vehicle speed in the garage and parking areas must be kept to five (5) miles per hour or under.

13. It is prohibited to perform a mechanical service, other than an emergency procedure, on a vehicle in either the garage or the parking lot.

14. Any vehicle parked in violation of signs, rules, or regulations may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

15. No boats or personal watercraft, regardless of kind or size, shall be allowed on the premises of the Aliki Condominium.

16. Any unauthorized vehicle or person who enters the garage is to be reported immediately to the reception desk.

17. If an owner gives permission to use their assigned parking space, they should notify the office as to the specifics to avoid any problems.


1. It is prohibited to leave doors to laundry rooms and stairways standing open into hallways (Life Safety Code # 101-5-2. 1. 8)

2. No objects or articles are to be placed or stored in any hall, stairway, or entryway of the building.

3. Private possessions shall not be placed or left in the Common Property areas.

4. No rubbish, litter, or water shall be swept from any Unit into the halls, basement, stairways, or other areas of the Aliki Condominium.

5. Children shall not be permitted to loiter or play in any hall, stairway, elevator, garage or in the lobby at any time.

6. Luggage racks are not to be left in halls, stairways, elevators, parking deck, parking garage or sidewalks, but are to be returned to the basement floor and locked securely immediately after use. Keys for the luggage racks can be obtained from the reception desk.



It is illegal for washer and dryers to be installed in your unit. If your unit has one it must be removed, if you decide not to follow our request you can be fined $100.00 per day up to $1,000.00.

1. Washers and dryers are located on each floor level for the use and convenience of all residents.

2. Instructions for the use of the machines must be followed. If the machines do not operate satisfactorily, check first to make sure that you have followed the instructions on the machine. If the machine still fails to operate properly, please notify the office so the repairs can be scheduled.

3. Doors to the laundry facilities shall not be propped or tied open at any time. Leaving doors open will permit hot, moist air to penetrate the halls making them humid. In addition, leaving doors open is against fire regulation.

4. Residents are asked to use the machines on their floor. In consideration of their neighbors, it is also requested that residents leave the area clean and ready for use by others.



There are two bulletin boards - one located in the mailroom and the other opposite the basement elevator doors.

1. Individual owners can use the boards for general messages. Messages must be printed or typed on a 3”x 5” index card (available at the reception desk for a 30 day notice). No messages are to be taped to the outside of the bulletin board case or to any walls in the Common areas.


The recreational facilities of the Aliki are provided and maintained by owners for their own use and for the use of there invited guests. Only owners, lessees, and guests may use these facilities.

All recreational facilities are used at the user’s own risk.

1. Except as noted, recreational facilities may be used only between the hours of 9:00 AM and 10.00 PM.

2. Owners will be liable for damage to Aliki property caused by themselves, their guests or lessees.


1. The Aliki Room is available for adult residents or owners to reserve for use from 9:00 A.M. to midnight. The room is not to be used for commercial purposes. The request to reserve the Aliki Room should be made with the front desk attendant or Reservations Chairman. Requester will be notified if the reservation is approved. A deposit of $100.00 is required at the time of the request. This deposit will be retained until after the date of the event, as a security deposit to assure that the room is left in the same condition as it was prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to inspect the room prior to his or her event to assure that everything is in order. The room will be inspected after the event. If damage, vandalism, or missing items are noted, or if unusual cleaning, trash removal, or repairs to Aliki property are necessary, the cost to restore the room to its original condition also will be the responsibility of the person who made the reservation.

2. The resident or owner reserving the room must be present during the event at all times. All children’s or minor’s parties must be supervised by multiple adults. Adults must accompany children whenever they leave the Aliki Room to use the restrooms, pool or beach area. Minors are not to wander the halls, use the elevator or stairs without an adult accompanying them for safety reasons.

3. Those who reserve the Aliki Room may use the east door as entry and exit. The Aliki Room will not be used as a passageway to and from the pool picnic-terrace area except when the room is reserved and being used for a social event. Wet bathing suits and towels are not allowed in the Aliki Room. Eating or beverage consumption is allowed at the tables on the terrace area and picnic table near the grill only, to Aliki residents and their guests. Clean up after use of these tables is expected. During turtle nesting season, the door shall be secured at twilight and the blinds shall remain closed while the Aliki room lights are on in the evening. Any fines levied as a result of disregard of the Volusia County Sea Turtle Protection Code or lighting standards, will be the responsibility of the person reserving the Aliki Room.

4. Nails, thumbtacks, scotch tape or any destructive element are not to be used for putting up or fastening decorations or display materials on the walls or on any Aliki owned area. Tacky masking tape may be used. All decorations must be removed carefully before vacating the room. Keys to cabinets, doors and storage areas must be signed out, accounted for and returned promptly after the event. Damaged keys will require a replacement fee. Lost keys will require a payment for installing new locks.

5. After the event, the room should be vacuumed, all surfaces cleaned, including dishes and utensils used (all cleaning supplies are the responsibility of the requester), returned all items to their proper place, clean all counters, appliances, sink, kitchen floors, etc. that they used. All trash and disposable leftover must be placed in plastic bags and taken to the trash chute, dumpster or recycling area by the requester. Tables, chairs, all items must be clean and rearranged as they were when the room was reserved. No equipment, utensils, furniture or any Aliki owned items are to be taken or borrowed from the Aliki Room at any time. If terrace tables, chairs, or the grille are used, they should be cleaned.

6. Members of the Reservation Committee reserve the right to visit the Aliki Room during a reserved event to assure safety and rules compliance by all attendees. Excessive noise or

behavior not appropriate for a family facility should be addressed immediately. Multiple complaints can cause an event to be terminated and future reservation requests denied. The Reservation Committee retains the right to immediately stop an event if safety or rules are being compromised.

7. Building security should be maintained during the event. Open doors and gates should be monitored. Guests should be monitored for appropriate behavior and they should remain in the areas that are supervised. Please assure that all doors and gates are locked/latched after the event and that all guests have departed safely from the building.


The pool hours are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

1. Only owners, residents, and their guests may use the pool.

2. Children under 12 years MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. Any person who has a bathroom accident or illness necessitating draining of the pool, the parent/owner will be responsible for the cost of draining, cleaning and re-filling the pool. Young children must wear special swimmer diapers at all times to prevent pool accidents.

3. Showers must be taken in the pool area BEFORE entering the pool. In addition, swimmers are asked to towel-dry before entering the building.

4. Bathing suits only shall be worn in the pool. Bathing suits MUST be worn in the pool at all times. To prevent damage to the pool filter, no garments other than bathing suits are allowed in the pool.

5. Hair longer than shoulder length must be worn up.

6. Sand and tar must be removed from feet after entering the property from the beach. The pool and grass are NOT to be used for removing sand or tar from feet.

7. The safety depth rope must remain connected at all times.

8. No food, glass, or metal containers are allowed in the pool deck other than in designated picnic areas.

9. No drinks of any kind are allowed within four (4) feet of the pool’s curbing.

10. No floats, balls, Frisbees, or water pistols are allowed in the pool, except for lifesaving or swimming aide devices.

11. No running, playing active games, or dunking other swimmers is permitted in the pool area.

12. For the health safety of other swimmers, no one with an open sore, skin infection or any communicable disease will be permitted in the pool.

13. No excessive splashing will be permitted. Diving and cannonball are strictly not permitted.

14. No radios or TV’s are allowed unless earphones are used. All personal items must be removed from the pool area when you leave.

15. Chairs and lounges are not to be reserved. If you leave the pool area for more than 15 minutes, do not leave towels, clothing or other personal items on a lounge.

16. Trash should be disposed of properly in the trash containers. Cigarette and cigar butts should be placed in the urns provided.

17. Chairs and lounges in the pool area must be covered with towels or cloth when oil or lotion is used. Chairs and lounges should be checked at the end of use, and wiped off if necessary.

18. Pool occupancy is limited to 28 persons per the State Health Inspector.



1. Food is permitted to be eaten only in the picnic table and grill area and at the tables on the terrace.

2. Persons using the grills and picnic areas will be responsible for cleaning the grill and picking up their debris when finished and disposing of it properly.

3. Fires in the grills must be extinguished and the area made presentable for the next user.



1. Shuffleboard equipment may be obtained at the office. The equipment will not be issued before 9:00 AM and must be returned by 4:00 PM. unless prior arrangements have been made.


1. The sauna room is kept locked as a safety precaution. Your security key will work in the lock.

2. For residents that are not experienced in the use of a sauna, it is important and strongly recommended that they first seek the advice of their doctor before using the facilities.

3. For safety reasons, no person should use these facilities alone. There should be two or more persons present in the room while the sauna is being used.

4. You must leave the rooms and facilities clean and ready for use by others.




(Adopted by Board of Directors August 17, 1994)

Ref: Florida Statute 718.303(3)

Florida administrative Code 618.23.005

1. The Association may levy fines against a unit owner for the failure of that unit owner, or its occupant, licensee or invitee to comply with Par. 14 of the Declaration of Condominium, pertaining to lease of units.

2. At the time that a majority of the members of the Board of Directors determines that a violation has occurred to warrant the levy of a fine, the following procedure will be followed:

A. The Secretary of the Association will inform the unit owner that the levy of a fine is contemplated, stating the basis for such action citing time, date, and circumstances in which Par. 14, Declaration of Condominium has been violated.

B. The unit owner will be offered an opportunity to a hearing before a Committee of 3 unit owners, appointed by the Board President to present evidence and to provide written and oral argument on all issues involved. The notice to the unit owner will not be less than fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing. (President will also appoint one alternate member for the Committee).

C. After the hearing, the Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors on whether a fine should, or should not, be levied, and if so, the amount of the fine.

D. The Board of directors will act on the recommendation of the Committee.

Under Florida Law, an Association may fine an owner or owners the sum of $100.00 per incident for violation of the provisions set forth in the Association’s Rules and Regulation. A fine of $100.00 per day up to a total of $1,000.00 maybe levied on the basis of each day of continuing violation (Executed February 11, 1994).